International Christmas educational readings

International Christmas educational readings on the 23rd of January 2016 in Peoples' Friendship University of Russia ( Moscow, Miklouho-Maclay st, 6, - the main building). Workshop section " Spiritual and Moral Culture in Higher School" in the frame of which round- table discussions will be held.

                                                          Round table 1.

The Strategy of Spiritual and Moral upbringing in the context of National Security of the Country.
Themes for consideration and discussion:

1. Information and psychological warfare, information and psychological security.
2. The mechanisms of effective counteraction to information and psychological, also to propagandist attacks of the West as the main condition of keeping civilization identity, maintenance of social stability in the Russian society.
3. Patriotism-a shield or a weapon in information and psychological warfare?
4. Pseudo-patriotism: sources, varieties, danger, ways of overcoming.
5. The Orthodox Worldview as a key element in political culture of the Russian people.
6. New technologies of fight against National( including Russian) State, its cultural basis, methods of opposition.

                                                           Round table 2.

Spiritual and Moral Criteria in research and analytic activities.

Themes for consideration and discussion.
1. Scientific research and spiritual life of a scientist: problems and ways of solving.
2. Spiritual and moral responsibility of a scientist.
3. Criteria of moral and spiritual virtue in scientific and analytic activities.
4. The Orthodox Worldview in understanding of the main laws of the world creation.
5. Scientific research as a way of spiritual and moral development of the personality.
6. Missionary work of a scientist.

                                                         Round table 3.
Spiritual and Moral Values and Preservation of the Spiritual and Physical Health of a personality and of the whole Nation.

Themes for consideration and discussion.

1. Health of an integrated personality in the trinity of spirit-soul-body.
2. Preserving of the cultural- genetic code of the Nation as a condition of its integrity and comprehensive development.
3. Family and Health of the Nation ( the questions of the procreation, culture of family , and traditions of the upbringing).
4. Programs of the planning of family as a demographic weapon.
5. The theory of persistent development as the program of depopulation and degradation of the Nation.
6. Spiritual and Moral culture in the system of Medical Education.
                                                        Round table 4.

Spiritual and Moral Upbringing in Higher School: experience, problems, perspectives.

Themes for consideration and discussion.

1. Ways and methods of forming moral benchmarks for students as the foundation of cultural and moral code of the Nation.
2. Churches at Universities and Institutions of Higher education.
3. The centers of additional education in religious and secular Universities and Academies.
4. The role of the Russian Literature and art in spiritual and moral creation of the personality of the youth of today.
5. Intellectual, educational, spiritual, and moral potential of Orthodox Educational center of the institutions of higher education as modern forms of the upbringing of the youth.
6. " If you want people to be killed, kill their language."( A.S. Shishkov): ecology of the language and its problems in the Youth community.
7. Methodology of working on spiritual and moral aspects ( the Orthodox literature) in modern differentiated student audience ( difficulties: poor knowledge, no motivation to study, being infected by viruses of psychological warfare, low spiritual level, atheistic way of thinking).
8. Methodology of working in the audience which has a nationalistic viewpoint.
9. Missionary work of a modern teacher - is it possible?

                                                                     Round table 5.

Student Volunteer Movement as Spiritual and Moral component of the education in Higher school.
 Themes for consideration and discussion.

1. Methods of attracting students to volunteer movement.
2. Reasons of limited quantity of members of volunteer movement.
3. The main aspects of the activities of volunteer movements.
4. Ways of forming close friendship among some groups of volunteers.

                                  Round table 6.

Mass culture as the instrument of forming the worldview of the youth of today.

Themes for consideration and discussion.

1. Modern youth culture: the culture or yet anticulture?
2. Influences of modern mass culture on changing the way of thinking of the youth ( analyses of factors, methods, methods of counteraction).
3. Culture in the feeling of perfection and beauty of the Universe.
4. Musical culture and the youth of today.

Procedure of participation.
To take part in the conference you should send the application form and report with the indication of the round table you would like to participate in to the Organizing Committee.
Application forms and report papers are to be sent to :