Resolution of the initial stage of the First International Congress of Orthodox Christian Scholars “Gospel values and the future of the Christian World”. Round Table” Science and Christianity: the strategies of development”,February, 20-23, 2017, Veliko

The opening ceremony of the first international Congress of Orthodox Christian Scholars took place in St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tărnovo, Bulgaria. A chairman of the Association of Orthodox Christian Scholars, Archpriest Gennady Zaridze, a chairman of Bulgarian branch of the Association, Doctor of Sciences, Professor, the Dean of the Department of History of Veliko Tărnovo University Ivan Asenov Tyutyunjiev, a chairman of Serbian branch of the Association, Doctor of Sciences, Professor of Belgrade University Milenko Bodin, were the moderators of the Congress.

Together with students from Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece nearly 50 Orthodox Christian Scholars took part in the work of the Round Table. All the issues discussed looked at the urgent problems of educational activities in Higher School; level of spiritual and moral culture of the Youth; historical aspects of Christianity in the countries of Slavic world. As the result of the Round Table the resolution was adopted:

  1. To consider International Congress of Orthodox Scholars a major event, fixing all the necessary information for development of the strategy and tactics of spiritual and moral growth of the society and upbringing of the Youth. To optimize the system of presenting the materials of work of foreign branches of the Association for further discussions and making this information available on the site of the Association. 
    Elaboration of the projects of collective work.
  2. To prepare for publication a joint monograph” The origin, development, and modern problems of Christianity in Slavic world” by attracting experts at History, members of the Association.  The objective of the preparation of the monograph is to form a system of responses to challenges of the modern world, aimed at secularizing the Christianity in the countries of Slavic world by distorting the historical reality.
  3. To support and activate the development of both joint academic and research projects, aiming at solution of the fundamental scientific problems, and Orthodox Christian viewpoint in a scholarly community. To popularize the results of joint projects in mass media, academic journals, and social network.
  4. Support for introduction of the subject “ Spiritual and Moral Culture” in the curriculum of bachelors, Masters, specialists in different areas, aimed at personality formation as a basis of the family, and a citizen of the powerful and a just state. To organize and carry out sociological research on studying the quality of life and spirituality of the Youth in the countries of Christian world.
  5. Organization and conducting academic competitions on spiritual and moral culture in educational institutions, engaging Russian and foreign branches of the Association in it. It is considered reasonable for the students of secular institutions and theological seminaries to jointly take part in such events.