On the 31th of May 2016 , a forum  “ Modern Youth and Spirituality”was held in Minsk Theological Seminary in the frames of V International Conference “ Orthodox Christian Scholar in the modern world”. This year the workshops of the Forum were organized in different places:Voronezh( Russia), Zhirovicni( Belarus), Hannover( Germany), Suprasl( Poland).

The main objective of the conference was to  discuss the wide range of problems, connected with integration of the basics of Orthodox Christian tradition into the process of a  harmonious  development of an individual and the spiritual rebirth of the society.

 The problematic field of the conference needed to be given careful consideration of actual  questions of spiritual and moral education of the younger  generation, collaboration of educational and official Christian religious organizations in rebirth of traditions of development of a personality. Considering  moral values, the main aim is to  form  professional competence among teachers and child minders on the basis of orthodox Christian spiritual tradition and to find out all possible forms and methods of collaboration of Church, school and family in the personal  development of children and their socialization.

 The conference was organized by Interregional Educational Public  Organization “ Association of Orthodox Christian Scholars”; Scientific Publishing Expert Center” Science and Word”( Russia); Eparchy of Navahrudak of Belarusian Orthodox Church( Belarus); and Minsk Theological Seminary( Belarus).

The scientists and lecturers of Universities and Institutes of Moscow, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Belgorod, Krasnodar,all members of Interregional Educational Public Organization “ Association of Orthodox Christian Scholars” and the center “ Science and Word”, also teachers of Minsk Theological Seminary and teachers from secondary schools, located on the territory of Eparchy of Navahrudak , took part in the conference.

The plenary  session of the forum was opened  with a welcoming speech of the rector of Minsk Theological Seminary, Archbishop Guriy of Navahrudak and Slonim.

The programme of the plenary session included following papers:

  1. Elena Safronova, Dr.of Law, Professor,  Belgorod National  Research University – “ The epoch of Transhumanism and Orthodoxy”.
  2. Archpriest Gennady Zaridze, the Chairman of the Association of Orthodox Christian Scholars- “ Modern tendencies in Spiritual and Moral education of the Youth”.
  3. Andrey Ostapenko, Dr. of Pedagogy, Kuban State University- “ How to build an educational system on the basis of traditional values.”
  4. Olga Rozina, PhD( History), Associate Professor,  Moscow Regional State University –       “ Spiritual and Moral ideal in confessional self- determination of a teacher as a factor of professionalism”.  
  5. Archpriest Victor Vasilevich, PhD(Theology), inspector of Minsk Theological Seminary-    “ Hygiene of the soul,  in accordance with the works of Saint Nikolai of Serbia(Velimirovich).
  6. Natalia Klok, a teacher of Information Technology, Secondary school number 2, Navahrudak – “ Spiritual and Moral education is the basis of a  growing person”.
  7. Alexander Romanchuk, PhD ( Theology) ,Church History department, a  chairman, Minsk Theological Seminary- “ Religious and Cultural self- determination of Belarusian people: past, present, and perspectives in the  future”.
  8. Elena Shatyko, PhD (Art History),a  teacher, Republican Institute for Vocational Education, - “ The book” The Chimes of the Church bells of Belaya Rus: millennium of the tradition” as the chronicle of exploit for Mother-Church.”
  9. Irina Kosinova, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor, Voronezh State University,a  co- chairman of Association of Orthodox Christian Scholars-“ An experience of international collaboration in the frames of work of Association of Orthodox Christian Scholars”.

The moderators  of the forum were a provost of scientific and theological work of Minsk Theological seminary, Associate Professor A. Slesarev and Associate Professor of Moscow Regional State University O. Rozina.

The conference finished with a discussion and summing up  the main points.